NEW MODEL Ranger 16′

The New Ranger 16′ offers a revolutionary paddling experience, a big boat wrapped in a 16 foot length. The Most Stable 16′ Multi Use Hull on the market.

langford canoe

This Large Volume Freighter Hull combines features not usually found in a canoe of this type. The unrivalled stability of the Ranger 16′ also allows this hull, to fill a number of niches that will please beginners through to expert paddlers

Whether seeing duty as a Work-Horse hauling Chainsaws, and Wajax Pumps allowing Park Rangers to safely clean up Camp Sites and Portages, or day paddling, Fishing for Bass and Pike (Duck Hunters and Anglers should keep on eye out for our MOSSY OAK models coming this Summer ) or a Tripping Canoe moving campers with multple heavy packs across choppy water on Large Lakes, the Ranger can do it all.

Larger paddlers looking for a 16′ canoe will love the Ranger’s steady footprint. Easy to manage easy to portage hull, and it’s versatile size.  Available as light as 38 lbs this 16′ Hull is an outdoorsman’s dream. Able to accommodate multiple 120 L packs the Ranger is definite expedition material.
Langford Ranger 16'The Ranger’s user friendly design is stable whether loaded or empty, with a generous capacity and volume. Unlike obsolete models with too much Tumble-Home and hulls that lack Langford’s integrated Spray Rail and Shallow Draft, this Straight Tracking yet Manoeuvrable Canoe keeps gear and passengers dry.  The shallow draft ensures efficient movement while the Spray Rail keeps water out of the boat.

The easy to control hull is even suitable for solo paddling and solo tripping. Straight tracking, manoeuvrable when the need arises and unrivalled volume all rolled into one package.
Langford Ranger 16 Kevlar

Anglers and Hunters will enjoy the stability provided by the beamy hull, and the fact they can have all the space and stability the Ranger provides, without giving up speed, handling and efficiency.

Come in and Test Paddle the Ranger today.