Langford Canoe – Cottager 16′ Fiberglass

Posted on June 2nd, 2019

IMG_5362 ____ cottager

16’ Cottager the perfect zero-maintenance cottage canoe.  She’s very stable and easy to paddle

Demos starting at $1495.          New for $1895.

LC beaver split redwht - 50h, 50w

16’5” Nahanni, Carbon Yoke, Carbon Thwart, Carbon Gunwales – USED $3895, … reg. is $4595

Posted on May 31st, 2019

Langford Canoe - Nahanni Carbon Fiber USED

If speed and total tripping performance is what your after the Nahanni’s the canoe for you.  It’s the fastest and highest performing asymmetrical tripping canoe on available.  Flavored upper edge to shed water away from the paddlers, carbon fiber over white bottom, carbon fiber parts 39 lbs of ultra high performance.

$3895 Regular $4599

LC beaver split red

16’6” Prospector LangteX ~ “the Grey Ghost”

Posted on May 31st, 2019


If you’re looking for the best performance tripping Canoe but need smash-it with a baseball bat durability then look no further the this 16’6” Prospector in LangteX. You can have it all now; A canoe that performs just as well as a Kevlar canoe on flat water and is perfect for rivers and rough shorelines.
Only 55lbs! $3295 others available similar starting at $2495

LC beaver split red

2018 Ranger, carbon on carbon, with carbon, and carbon. Very-very super-sweet boat :)

Posted on May 31st, 2019


2018 full sheet carbon/ innegra construction, carbon gunnels, carbon parts and decks. The Ranger is a all new design introduced 2018.  it’s ultimate in stability and performance, stand up and fish or head off on a week trip with total confidence in its capabilities and seaworthiness with no fear of ever falling out of. 40lbs, this US market top of line example is available for $4495 that’s a savings of over $300.  Ask about other Rangers in stock starting from $2695.

LC beaver split red

2019 Muskoka … All new, fully redesigned, … and it’s awesome :)

Posted on May 31st, 2019

Shown here in ultra lite Kevlar on blue/ white 2-tone 40 lbs. 3 show examples of this Canoe are available. The Muskoka is the most modern canoe design available on the market today it’s the only canoe to in existence that was purposely designed to be both a tandem tripping canoe and an all weather solo canoe combining both tumblehome and flair making it the only canoe of it kind and vastly outperforming everything in its class. A must try Canoe before you buy anything.

Prices on 2019 Muskoka’s $2495 to just-over $4000.wht - 50h, 50w

LC beaver split red

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