2018 LangTEX 2.0

IMG_20160708_075923-01-01Our proprietary Epoxy based LangTEX composite lay-up provides Kevlar weight and unrivaled durability.  This extremely impact and abrasion resistant laminate offers a modern repairable alternative to Royalex with the tight performance enhancing lines that only a composite molding design process can provide.  2018 brings enhanced flex agents for improved impact resistance and lower weights across all trim levels.  LangTEX provides the paddler with the best dual purpose White Water and Kevlar weight tripping hulls on the market.  These 48 lbs to 54lbs hulls have expedition proven construction and designs that will mean years of troble free use for everything from cottage use through to long duration canoe trips.  A staple of summer camp fleets these hulls also come in a wide range of colours and custom paint schemes. Call For More Information: 1-705-635-2000 or 1-800-337-1006 (Ontario Only)