Langford-canoe-shelf-croppeOur Red Cedar Shelves come at in different heights and widths (96″ high x 32″wide x 18″ deep, and 89″ high x 46″ wide x 20 1/2″).  These Hand Crafted shelves are works of true Candiana, that are constructed on purpose-built-moulds, just like our traditional plank and rib Cedar-Canvas and Cedar Glass-Finish Canoes with the same attention to detail and skill.

IMG_2472Red Cedar Planks, White Cedar Ribs, Mahogany accents and the Langford Medallion sitting centre on the Bow Deck of every model, just like our Canoes.
IMG_2485Available in a Varnished Clear Coat finish that shows off the beautiful wood work, grain and brass tacks or custom painted finishes for that classic Cedar Canvas look.