Company History

Canada’s Oldest Canoe Company

Canoe on dock

For over 70 Years the Langford name has stood for quality. The iconic Beaver symbol is placed on each Langford Canoe and Paddle as an indication of our own rigorous quality standards, standards that have set the benchmark for decades. The Beaver Symbol assures you that your Canadian made Langford Canoe is the finest of its kind, built for serious wilderness travel, or basic recreation and everything in between. Our canoes are world renowned, having been honed to a point of perfection over numerous decades.

Langford’s Master builders have seven decades of canoe design and building experience

A Little Bit of History

After decades of designing and building canoes, our original owner and founder officially incorporated his company in 1940.  For years the cedar canoe was our bread and butter, as time progressed Langford revolutionized the canoe industry by adding technologically advanced light weight Kevlar and Fully Graphitized Carbon Hulls to our extensive line of traditional cedar plank and rib canoes.

Langford’s Master builders have over seven decades of canoe building experience, blending high functioning and time tested designs with constant meticulous refinement.  Because of this our canoes will paddle with greater ease, provide a superior measure of safety, unrivaled durability and unmatched longevity.

At Langford we invite and encourage all of our prospective customers to shop around and compare before making that first exciting purchase. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned paddler, we at the Langford family look forward to meeting, and discussing all of your canoeing needs.