Canada’s Oldest Canoe Company

For close to 80 Years the Langford name has stood for quality.  The iconic beaver emblem placed on each Langford Canoe is a symbol of our dedication to rigorous quality standards that have set the benchmark for decades.  This Beaver logo assures you, that your Langford is a world-class canoe built for decades of performance and enjoyment.

Since 1940 Langford has been designing and manufacturing Cedar Canvas Canoes.  As time progressed and as materials advanced, Langford began building Fiberglass, then Kevlar and High Tech Carbon Fiber Canoes constructed with the most advanced marine spec materials and methods. For nearly 80 years Langford has justified great expectations with our wide range of canoes. Langford’s Master builders have eight decades of canoe design and building experience. Because of this our canoes will paddle with greater ease, provide a superior measure of safety, unrivalled durability and unmatched longevity.

At Langford Canoe we invite and encourage all of our prospective customers to shop around and compare before making that exciting first purchase.  Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned paddler, we at the Langford family look forward to meeting with you, and discussing all of your canoeing needs.

Legendary Design & Performance

With expert knowledge and skill Langford’s master craftsmen have produced the finest handcrafted cedar, cedar canvas and composite canoes in the world, and in the process made it’s mark in Canadian history. From heads of state, members of the Hollywood A-list, to cottagers and weekend adventurerers our products are sought after by enthusiasts and connoisseurs the world over. They all share the love and appreciation of handcrafted Langford Canoes.

Handcrafted in Canada

Langford Canoe manufactures over 30 models of cedar and composite canoes. Using only the best materials such as eastern white cedar or B.C. red cedar, and mahogany, these paddling classics can be enjoyed for a lifetime. All Langford Classic Cedar Canoes are finished with mahogany and/or ash gunwales (depending on model ordered), mahogany bow and stern decks, rawhide/mahogany seats, thwart, and contoured yoke. Our canoes are world renowned having been refined to a point of perfection, each canoe undergoes more than 80 quality control checks to confirm the the highest quality materials and workmanship. Once approved the bronze Langford beaver emblem afixed to the bow of every Langford Classic Cedar Canoe serves as it’s seal of quality.

Even with today’s advances in technology, there is no machine capable of exactly replicating the human skills essential to handcrafting canoes