2021 has certainly been a crazy year! Not being able to travel has meant many more staycations, camping, time at the cottage and trips exploring backcountry lakes and rivers. That has meant a lot more wear and tear on canoes and equipment. Just so you're ready for 2022 right out of the gate, be sure to book your repair slot with us. We will be assigning priority on a first booked first served basis. Canoes can be brought in to our Dwight location from September 1st to October 17th or we can make arrangements to have them picked up based on your location.

What type of canoe do you have?


What sort of repairs does your canoe need?

Minor TLC

General Clean-up, Sanding, Revarnishing, Scrapes and Nicks: starting @ $500.00
Gunwale Replacement: starting @ $750.00

Structural Repair

Repair Damaged Planking: starting @ $450.00
Keel Replacement: starting @ $550.00
Repair Damaged Planking and Ribs: starting @ $650.00
Recanvassing and Re-painting: starting @ $1200.00

What sort of repairs does your canoe need?

Minor TLC

Single Areas for Gel Coat Repairs: starting @ $150.00 and Up for Multiple Areas

Structural Repair

Refinishing and Re-painting: starting @ $850.00
Replacement of Gunwales (Aluminum Option Not Available)

PVC: starting @ $500.00
Wood: starting @ $750.00

How will we get your canoe?

I will drop off

(Langford Shop: 2832 Highway 60, Dwight Ontario)

I need pick-up/delivery

(delivery charges will apply based on distance)

Having Second Thoughts?

Next Steps

Please fill out the following form so that a Langford representative can contact you (within 3-5 business days) to confirm your repair order. A copy of this form and your repair request options will also be sent to you by email for your records (be sure to check your spam folder if you do not receive it). IMPORTANT: The email sent to you will also contain a link to our booking module so that you can schedule a time and date if you’re dropping off your canoe at our location in Dwight. Please click the link to ensure you reserve your preferred time and day between September 1st and October 17.