39 lbs Carbon Nahanni

When the return on every dollar spent, every paddle stroke made, and every kilometre covered, matters most there’s only one choice…

The Carbon Nahanni is like no other composite Asymm’ model out there. As with all of our canoes, the moulds that produce these amazing hulls are completely redesigned every few years to make marked performance gains.

Unlike competing Asymmetrical models this fast and efficient hull is deep, dry, and comes loaded with features.
Sturdy full size gunwales, stainless hardware (no pop rivets or rental grade tractor seats) and  a light weight combination of Carbon components and stunning Spanish Cedar Bright Work.

This expedition proven design is made to slice through rough water while the spray rail peels water away from the hull.
Water that leaves others resting on shore waiting out the weather, is no challenge for the Nahanni.  If you want to make it to your campsite effortlessly or blow your neighbours out of the water at the regatta you need a Nahanni.

Your time on the water is precious. If you are in the market for a serious Asymmetrical tripping canoe and want to paddle and portage further there’s no question the new 2018 Nahanni is your boat.

Come in for test paddle and feel the difference.

Langford Canoe Carbon 16