The Ultimate Paddler’s Canoe the Legacy 16′

The Ultimate Paddler’s Canoe
The Legacy 16′

The choice of expert paddlers for years, the Legacy is a prime example of the benchmark that Langford has set for canoe construction.


There is no finer example of a traditional Cedar Plank and Rib canoe, on the water.   Beyond the stunning craftsmanship and the visuals that the Red and White Cedar planks and ribs, lend to this light weight and extremely durable hull, it is the shape of this authentic heirloom quality canoe that offers something no other builder can provide. It is the lines of this canoe that translate every paddle stroke into controlled motion, whether it’s gliding forwards or prying pivots.  Anyone that has attended a summer camp with a serious flat-water paddling program, or those that are wanting to hone their skills, definitely need to take advantage of the performance the Legacy 16′ offers.

Langford Canoe Legacy Woods Canvas Pack

The beautiful colour of every Legacy is unique (like all of our clear glass finish hulls) with no added stains or dyes, just a slight amber tint from high quality varnish in the case of the interior, and the epoxy skin on the exterior.  The blonde and more reddish tones will continue to contrast as the hull darkens with time, and the White Cedar structural ribs and sister ribs always stand out against the Red Cedar planks.

Whether paddled solo, heeled heavily over, slicing through the mist, responding instantly to sharp rapid paddle strokes, cuts and draws, or moving effortlessly while being paddled tandem the Legacy never ceases to impress. Strap it to your floats and head off on an adventure, or simply practice your strokes in front of the dock.
Langford Canoe Cesna Muskoka Lake of Bays Canada

Unlike hulls produced by the canoe companies of yeasteryear, those pulling canoes off of the same tired mould, or those who have simply lofted designs from another builder Langford has spent 80 years continually improving the shape of this hull (and others) to ensure that the performance is peerless.  Our cedar mould construction and care ensure that with each passing year our craft is constantly improved.

If you are a discerning paddler, you owe it to yourself to come see the Legacy in person. You will be amazed by the performance that 80 years of manufacturing can provide to a canoe’s design, especially when that canoe has been carefully improved with input from skilled paddlers, under the watchful eye of artisans.

The Legacy is the platform we use to build the Multi Stripe and Crimson Charcoal Striped canoes for the Hudson’s Bay Company. The Legacy acts as an Ambassador for Canada found in Airports across Canada and on permanent display in Canada House in London England.