The Prospector 17.4

The Prospector 17.4 is a serious gear, kid, and dog hauler, like no other.  Faster than most Asymmetrical Hulls, this Class Leading hull combines Exceptional Tracking with Unmatched Water-Shedding Capabilities making it the choice of serious paddlers looking for peace of mind on large bodies of water, or where boat traffic is a concern.

Langford Canoe canoeabc123 Red and White Prospector 17.4
The Shallow Draft Hull also allows this large canoe to pivot when necessary and glide through tight quarters and moving water even when heavily loaded.  The Prospector 17.4 can be polled up shallow rivers and creeks, or paddled across Lake Superior carrying a substantial amount of gear. Whether used for Long Haul trips or Recreational Paddling the Prospector 17.4 is an amazingly versatile hull.

Langford Carbon Prospector 17.4The Prospector 17.4 makes an amazing hunting, fishing and photography platform, and by fluke of design the same features that lend themselves perfectly to serious long duration excursion, make this competent performing canoe an amazing cottage “Lake Boat”.   Stable enough for Anglers to cast from, and Duck Hunters to shoot from, with a capacity that is unbelievable, the Prospector 17.4 has been a long time favourite of Moose Hunters, and others who operate on big water and in cold temperatures. Fast, Stable, and it tracks like an arrow.
Langford Canoe Olive Drab Prospector 17.4

Test paddle the Prospector 17.4 today to feel the difference.