Carbon Gunwales

Our Oversized Carbon Composite Gunwale has been selected from material suppliers with the paddler in mind. We have chosen a larger diameter gunwale in order to supply 30% more structure to our hulls than competing canoe manufacturers.  This super impact and abrasion resistant benchmark setting gunwale system is one of the key features that sets our Epoxy Infused Kevlar and Carbon canoes apart. More Structure, Less Weight and Better Value.


Building a lightweight canoe is easy. Building what are demonstrably, pound-for-pound, the most durable light weight canoes on the market, is something that Langford Canoe has strived for, since we created the Ultra Light Weight market of performance Tripping Hulls in the early 1990’s. 

Today’s generation of solidly built light weight canoes offer a host of superior features and handling characteristics to ensure your canoe will outperform and outlive anything else on the water.
Carbon Gunwale WeavingYou can paddle and portage with confidence knowing your expedition grade gunwale system was designed by paddlers for paddlers.