Form and Function

For some, our canoes are considered works of art, and the driving force behind the purchase, may simply be the admiration of  skilled craftsmanship and natural materials used, with no desire for the canoe to ever see water…We don’t begrudge them.
For others a canoe has only one use, they are meant to be paddled.

Anyone who has paddled one of our traditional Cedar Plank and Rib Canoes, can surely attest to the fact that they are a blend of form and function.

At the end of the day we are simply happy to to be producing a range of quality watercraft that represent everything a canoe can be, and the fact our employee’s skilled hands produce something admired the world over.  Whether destined for your lake retreat, or for the board-room, our cedar canoes are an eye catching investment and a true piece of Canadiana.

Langford Canoe Canada House London England 16′ Langford Cedar HBC Multi-Stripe installed  at Canada House London England